2016 Election Campaign:

SaveSLO is a new group that, broadly speaking, was formed to oppose the City's Rental Housing Inspection Program, and it expanded a bit to explore the idea of "Tiny Houses" in San Luis Obispo.

The group's latest interest is in informing the public about the importance of being politically aware of what is happening at the city government level and learning about how to participate.

I could not agree more with this effort, and I welcome their interest and involvement.

As one of their first efforts, they set out to film an interview with each candidate for City Council and Mayor.  They provided us with a list of 20 questions ahead of time, and then added about a half dozen once filiming began.  They spent about a week scheduling and interviewing all Council candidates.  They then had the challenging task of editing the interviews (mine took about 90 minutes; I have no idea how long the others took) down to about 15 minutes.

They did not include all questions and responses from all Council candidates; I presume they picked the ones with responses that were most interesting to them -- kind of like everyone else in the media usually does.  In my case, I don't recall my answers to all questions and might have selected different sound bites than they selected for me, but on balance, I believe that what you will see is a fair depiction of what I said over a 90 minute conversation -- with one exception, and that is the last question about hiking Bishop's Peak where I laugh and say I've never done so.  What was left on the cutting room floor was my explanation that although my brother and I hiked all the time as teens and twenties, knee injuries in the Army make most hiking painful, but that doesn't stop me from walking all over San Luis Obispo almost daily.

If you'd like to see all the interviews, and you should, head to http://saveslo.com

Once you get there, click on the "CIty Council" tab at the top, and you will be taken to a page with each of our edited interviews.  I'm kind of partial to mine, but I recommend that you take the time to watch them all.  If you'd simply like to watch mine, they have made it a You Tube video that you can watch here:


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