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[Note to iPad/tablet users:  I discovered that clicking the "News" button will not give you access to the "drop down" menu; you can reach the menu by tapping the "Menu" tab at the upper left of your screen.]

I am a firm believer in keeping voters informed about what is happening regarding the City Council election.  Most of you likely do not know that several media outlets and local organizations send questions to candidates as part of their effort to get to know us and to better understand our positions on various issues.  Until I became a candidate, I did not appreciate this fact.  Neither did I appreciate how time consuming it could be -- especially if a candidate wants to provide thoughtful responses.

With this in mind, I am going to do my best to keep current in providing those of you who visit my website with the same information that I provide the media and others.  As a courtesy to them, I will not place anything here until they have had adequate opportunity to publish my responses in their publications/newsletters.


To see the News Release submitted in early August 2014, mouse over the "News" button above and then click the appropriate "drop down" menu item.

While not strictly answers to questions, it was my first attempt to let media outlets know about me and my campaign.  As far as I can tell, it was largely ignored.  Because of this, I did not bother with a News Release in 2016.


I've added additional "drop down" menu selections as I've added questions from various media and organizations.  Please check them out.  The most recent additions are an interview with Dave Congalton and my comments at the Residents for Quality Neighborhoods "Annual Dinner and Candidates Forum."


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