Community Endorsements [Partial Listing]


Save Our Downtown

Save SLO -- a Facebook Group

Dan Carpenter -- SLO Council Member and Candidate for SLO County Supervisor

Peg Pinard -- Former SLO Mayor and Council Member and SLO County Supervisor

Ken Schwartz -- Former SLO Mayor and Council Member

Kathy Smith -- Former SLO Council Member

Christine Mulholland -- Former SLO Council Member

Dodie Williams -- Former SLO Council Member

Karen Corda Adler -- Chairperson, Alta Vista Neighborhood Association

Linda White -- Co-Chairperson, Monterey Heights Neighbors

Marco and Vanessa Rizzo

Leslie Halls

Claude and Melba Alvis

Richard Schmidt and Corliss Campbell

Frank and Roberta Kassak

Naoma Wright

Dr. Sharon Whitney, PhD

Susanne Link

Debbie and Rich Farwell

Terry Mohan

Martha J. Steward

Helen Barnes Summerfield

Eugene Jud -- Jud Consultants; Fellow, Institute of Transportation Engineers

Robert and Sheryl Flores

Steve and Carolyn Smith

Dorothy Graves

Odiel Ayral and Gary Dwyer

Mary Matakovich

Jody Vollmer

Betty DeHaan

Dia and Chris Hurd

David A. Lind Brodie

Cheryl McLean

Lydia Mourenza

Gerry Johnson

Paul Allen

Peter and Diane Crough

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fogel, MD

James Lopes

Dr. Richard J. Krejsa

John and Josie Grady

Bob and Dodie Williams

Carla Saunders


"For those of you who often agree with my point of view on city matters, I strongly suggest that you vote for Mike Clark.  Mike best reflects my commitment to focus on community resources and philosophy on the needs of permanent residents who actually live within SLO City Limits.  He is not beholden to developers and has an independent spirit . . . a perspective sorely needed on the SLO Council" -- Kathy Smith, SLO Council Member [Palm Street Perspective, Journal Plus, November 2014]

"Mike will engage and actually listen to the concerns of SLO's residents. City residents will once again have an advocate on city council and a voice in shaping our city's future.  Mike also brings fiscal responsibility and breadth of experience to the council." -- John & Josie Grady

"Mike Clark has proven his integrity time and time again. He cares about his community and the people who reside in it. We know that he will carefully examine the issues before casting his vote on the city council." -- Robert & Sheryl Flores

"Mike has the qualities we need on our City Council -- Leadership, community involvement, interested in our neighborhoods and youth." -- Linda White

"Mike Clark is a breath of fresh air for SLO City with his impeccable credentials and unfailing integrity" -- Naoma Wright

"I like your clear thinking in planning" -- Eugene Jud


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