2016 Election Campaign:

Dave Congalton once again interviewed all SLO City Council candidates.  This year it took him some time to catch up with all six of us, but his persistence paid off, and he eventually got us all -- as well as SLO Mayoral candidates and candidates for most/all local races in our county.  I continue to be amazed at his knowledge of what's happening throughout the county.

Dave interviewed me at 4:00 pm on Thursday, October 13 in KVEC's new studios on Sacramento Drive.  The studio seems larger than the previous one and has a great view of the hillsides that his guests can enjoy while being interviewed.  As he did in 2012, Dave made me feel welcome and put me at ease -- I think that comes across in the interview.

Click on the link to go directly to the interview that runs about 20 minutes.



From the 2014 Election Campaign:

Dave Congalton spent a week interviewing each of the SLO City Council candidates on his "Home Town Radio" show October 6-10.  I was the last to be interviewed that week at 4:00 pm Friday, October 10.

The interview lasts about 20 minutes, and as this was my first interview with Dave, I did not know what to expect.  I can now say that he is a gracious host and made the interview enjoyable.

Click on the link below and move your slider to the 36:20 mark to start listening.




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