This page will expand as I add comments or links that have some bearing on issues I think are worth considering.

San Venice Obispo? 

     Here is an interesting article from the New York Times that I received from a friend regarding what has happened over the years to Venice, Italy.  Sure, Venice is several orders of magnitude larger than San Luis Obispo and has been around for centuries longer, but the issues of tourism and its impact on a community's culture are equally important.

     If you own a business in town, tourists are probably a good thing; if the tourists are your visiting family and friends, they are a great thing; if you are trying to run errands around town, tourists can make it difficult; and if you live on or near the boundaries of the open space we all enjoy, tourists are a bad thing when they clog your neighborhood streets and trespass on your property at night while hiking.  Something to think about as our small-town culture continues to change and may ultimately disappear.


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